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Events The purpose of IWF Florida Suncoast is to support and connect women leaders to drive positive change. We provide a number of events each year designed to promote connection and provide an exchange of ideas. These events fulfill our annual strategic plan with specific activities to advance our purpose

Dine Arounds An important tradition of IWF is the “Dine Around”. This is an intimate gathering in an IWF member’s home where genuine connections and memorable experiences are made. Any member is welcome to host a “Dine Around”.

Programs Each month we present cutting edge issues from experts, behind the scenes experiences or topics touching on women’s issues or leadership development. We reach out to emerging leaders and include them in our programs open to guests. Recent examples of programs include:

How Women Achievers Become Leaders Building a Global Brand Preparing Millennials to Lead
Women’s Voices on Contested Turf Restoring the River of Grass Stuck or Unstuck? 21st C Women
Disparities in Women’s Heart Health and Treatment What is it Really Like to Serve on a Corporate Public Board? Transforming nonprofit board strategy toward a “Living Museum”
BNY Mellon Collection of Women Photographers Global Crowdsourcing to Solve the Antibiotic Crisis Extracting Knowledge from Big Data


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